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Exclusive Interview With Mr. Stephen Amaechi Chinemelem, MD, Fedan Investment Limited

The telecommunication industry is credited with contributing significantly to nigerias GDP with mobile sales reaching over 500000 annually and telecommunications companies competing in a 170million large market.

This industry also birthed another multi-million market driving significant income in the country. This is the mobile accessories market.

Fedan investment is a key player in this market with over 25 years of supplying quality mobile accessories needed by the Nigerian populace offering the best service in the industry relative to overall performance in the mobile accessories industry.

MD Fedan Investment Ltd. Spoke with Inside Business Africa about the importance of professionalism in the mobile accessory sector to the economy.

Sir what has been your experiences so far in the Nigeria mobile industry?

The Nigerian mobile accessories market is growing in a very fast pace and the experiences we have been having so far has been very exciting because of technological development in the world,  I must say this business is something that needs a lot of capital/funds and support as much as possible, as far as far as i am concerned the business is here to stay and if well financed it can create more employment for the masses, our experience is that it is a good business worth doing which has been able to improve the economy of Nigeria.

It’s been known that there has been high level of competition in the market, how has it been coping in marketing your brand

Yes, I will agree the market is highly competitive, in a field like this everybody wants to take over in Fedan we believe in giving the public the best product which we have been offering our consumers since inception to uphold that integrity and loyalty but one of the issues we face in the Nigerian market is piracy of products, For instance there are four of our products in the market where the fake versions are displayed and this has brought down the cash flow of the original versions of the products.

I’m asking the government to checkmate these products and people who are involved in pirating these products and if such is not done in time it can make the mobile accessory business to crumble and if such issues are not looked into it can affect the businesses of people who operate it. If the government can also realise that people who operate under this industry are adding to the economy and should be backed up in any way possible and also i think it will be a very good thing that thisarea is handled by the appropriate bodies

How has FEDAN Investment been able to offer customer satisfaction over the years?

Over time our product has increased in demand because of the quality we offer and we are trying to make sure people get what they pay for and sometimes when you hear of mobile phones explosion it’s because of issues like battery problem which can be dangerous to the community and the environment. We at Fedan investment are trying to make sure that any of our products which comes into the public eye is quality and very durable. People who are aware of the quality Fedan products offers always purchase our products and go as far as recommending to others and this has brought about awareness that Fedan gives the public what they need.

A brief understanding of Fedan investment its latest procurement and current products Fedan investment. 

Fedan investment limited got incorporated on November 18 1994 by CAC at that time we got incorporated we solely dealt with mobile accessories, electrical equipment, phone accessories and lighten product and since then we have beenthe pace makers who have paved the way especially in the phone accessories market. Currently people say there is only two products in the market, Fedan and others and our own products is very essential because anything that is not Fedancan never offer you quality service as Fedan because our product is so exceptional and unique because we meet up with customers demand and satisfaction and our product is what you can make use of for a very long time and would still maintain its quality compared to that of the pirated product.

What makes Fedan investment Limited Tick?

What makes us thick is God because we believe in God and we believe that without him we can do nothing and another thing is once you uphold integrity in whatever you do the sky will be your beginning because everything everyman is doing has a time of testing. In business steadfastness is needed, hard work is needed and people with experience are also needed and we don’t just employ any how we employ those that know what they are doing and that gives us a very deep revelation to go ahead of others and we believe in making sure that customers get what they want/need and our desire is that at least anywhere in Nigeria Fedan products is what people are using and in other African countries which we have branches with the likes of Ghana, Niger, Cameroon, Coutonuetc., this countries always make use of our product and our product is worth using because of the quality we offer.

What does Fedan investment Ltd. Plan to achieve in years to come?

Our goal is before 2022 we have penetrated the African market and must have taken advantage of the Africa mobile market solely both in electrical equipment and mobile accessories and also the CCTV cameras we believe by theneverybody would have Fedan international on their lips and we believe people on their own would be recommending the products within our scope because we know what we are giving to the people and we believe by that time we wouldhave taken over the African market and would have employed over 2000 to 3000 youths. 

Your advice to the government, the youths and public?

I would first of all like to advise that the government before the youths i will advise that the government should look into the mobile phone accessory business to know how they can come in, take for example in china and other countries themobile accessory business is one of the things yieldingeconomic growth, and revenue if they can give the peoplebetter support both in finance and infrastructure i think it will help.

Since Gsm entered Nigeria some of the youth which are on the streets now have something doing and this has reduced the rate of crime in states, even when crime is there is because of idleness of the mind, also the government should look openly into the mobile accessories business and ensure thatbusiness men are well helped.

To the youths they need to stop focusing only on white collar jobs but I believe if you study something start somewhere and mobile phone/accessories business creates room for so many things and if they can look very well there are a lot of things the youths can be doing in the mobile accessories like when you talk about phone you have power bank, earphone you have battery somebody can start with a little amount of money instead of being idle in the house like that, before you can count 20 you can count 1, and you can come across someone who is willing to help you.Like Americans would say think what you will do forAmerican and not what American can do for you, let the youths begin to think what can I do for my family, thecommunity and the nation as a whole and from there you can kick start your dreams and even receive help from people to boost your business/ hustle.

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