Dangote Refinery Trains 150 Indigenous Engineers

The local content policy of the Federal Government appears to be on course as 150 indigenous engineers have undergone training in refinery operations preparatory to take-off of Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Plant.

Speaking on the training in a media chat, Mr. Mohan Kumar, the company’s Director of Human Capital Management and Project Support, stated that 22 of such engineers had just returned from Mumbai, India. Kumar said the young engineers were trained at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd on how to manage the operations of the refinery.

“The 22 engineers arrived from Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Mumbai in India, where the last set of 150 employees trained in various areas of petroleum and petrochemical refining.’

“The engineers are expected to also transfer the skills acquired to other Nigerians when the refinery takes off,” he said. Kumar explained that the engineers were recruited and trained to witness the building of the refinery from scratch.

“The trainees would still need between 18 to 20 months to be put through Dangote refinery before they can be allowed to operate it, adding that the training has exposed them to the nitty-gritty of refinery’s mode of operation.

“As time goes on, each of the trainees will be made to specialise in their areas but before then, we are going to bring in experienced operators from India to operate the refinery,” he said.

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