Glo: Schools Urged To Boost Learning With Internet

Globacom has implored on school proprietors all over the country to get acquainted with ultra-modern products and services, specially designed by the network for them to elevate the boundaries of education in Nigeria. This was made known by Mr Tega Agofure of Enterprise Projects and Innovation, Globacom, at the National School’s Fair in Lagos rcecntly, while delivering a paper titled ‘Solutions for Educational Institutions in Nigeria’.

He stated that as the national carrier, Globacom is beyond capable, and stationed to improve the education sector, with technologies that would deliver strategic solutions to challenges faced.

He further urged school proprietors to ensure that every school has internet connections, to enable the students benefit from the wide-range of unending opportunities made available by the internet worldwide.

Mr Tega Agofure explained that Globacom would assist schools  to develop their Wi-Fi service with access control that would prevent students from visiting morally inappropriate websites and also assist through its data center to host e-learning platforms, provide instant access to relevant learning materials for students. He further added that Glo has created a special “campus bundle”, which includes free voice and internet, to accelerate communication among students and teachers.

Parents can also use their highly sought after products like “personal trackers”, to monitor their children and prevent criminal acts like kidnapping; He added.

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