Women Entrepreneurs; An Opportunity To Accelerate Development

Increasing participation of Nigerian women in global trade by lowering the obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs at home and internationally, and helping these businesswomen connect to international clients and value chains, would reinforce growth and gender inclusiveness in economic growth.

Women are the backbone of most informal economy. Therefore, joining other countries and working together to boldly make women business enterprises a significant contributor in the country’s economy and revenue is must do.

It is for this reason that women’s visibility and trade intelligence are important. Consequently, taking gender into account matters when developing and implementing trade policy as placing women at the heart of global policy making, will go a long way in achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

The sectors for promoting women in business includes; textiles and apparel, agric business, hand craft, catering, event planning and management, fashion designing, beauty makeup and skincare preparations, information service, telecommunications, accounting, etc.

If Nigerian women hope to maximize huge opportunities in entrepreneurship, there is need for the government to accord them recognition and all round support, as key players in the economy.

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