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5 Nigerian AgriBusiness Companies To look out for in 2020


As Nigeria looks to shift from an Oil driven economy, Agriculture has taken a front seat in the revenue generation conversation as the present government has availed a number of facilities and holidays for organizations in the Agriculture Sector.

Agriculture also contributed around  contributed 26.09 per cent to the real GDP in Q4 2019 according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics showing there is much to expect from the sector in 2020.

To kickstart the year, here are 5 AgriBusiness Companies to follow this year.


Agric International Technology &  Trade (Agrited) Limited was founded in 1991 operates in the supply of poultry and aquaculture products to thousands of customers across Nigeria through nation-wide distributers, large, medium, and small farms, feed mills, nutrition and veterinary outlets.

 Agrited is powered by the vision to produce at least 40 million day old chicks annually with over 19 billion of eggs and 548kgs of broiler meat consumed nationally per annum, all for the satisfaction of their customers. It product lines varies from animal nutrition, veterinary products- vaccines and medications, poultry and aquaculture equipments, broilers and layers of day old chicks and fingerlings. 

In impacting the lives of the people, not only does agrited offer investors to establish and meticulously set up advanced commercial poultry and aquaculture farms but they also have a team of poultry experts who will professionally train and commission local staffs in modern farm management through their national and international poultry programs. This method or program increases the livelihood of consumers, customers, communities and employees.


Harvest Farm and Agro Processing Limited is cassava starch processing plant located in Ogun State. 

Founded by Mr Goke Adeyemi Oyewole, HFAP started off in the poultry industry before branching into and focusing producing world class Cassava Starch with their flagship product – Venus Starch 

The HFAP factory has an installed capacity producing 25 tons of high quality (food grade) cassava starch per day, producing for top quality brands across multiple sectors in Nigeria. 

HFAP also works with Cassava farmers nationwide, offering strategic support programmes to increase yield quantity and quality and invests in the commercial process, buying cassava yields from local farmers for processing into starch at their plant. 

Farm Crowdy

Farm Crowdy is a digital agriculture platform that helps stakeholders in the food value chain maximize and increase their profits with technology.

Farm Crowdy empowers rural farmers by training them on modern farming techniques and providing markets for the sale of the farmers’ produce. This increases food production and security in Nigeria and Africa. 

In 2019, Farm Crowdy received notable awards including- The British Awards for African Development for “Africa’s Innovative Business of the Year” and an International Award for “Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness.


Honeywell Group is a conglomerate based in Nigeria. It operates diversified businesses such as foods and agriculture, telecommunication and infrastructure, real estate and financial services. 

It’s foods and agro subsidiary is Honeywell with products including; flour, wheat, noodles and pasta. 

Honeywell Group contributes to human and economic development via a number of initiatives; a vocational training programme in Baking Technology which offers participants skills on modern and more efficient baking methods and Honeywell Excellence Programme (HEP)- a training platform for graduates to improve their business skills.

Recently, a programme called “Itanna” was launched by Honeywell aimed to increase the growth of innovative that is, tech based start-ups to dramatically change them into big enterprises with the goal of pushing economic growth in Africa.


Olam is a global group in foods and agro produce, operating in also Olam Global Agri and Olam International in Nigeria.

Olam operates in 60 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to customers worldwide and being among the world’s largest suppliers of cocoa beans, coffee, cotton and rice. They also import and sell branded packaged food products.

Founded by Mr. Sunny George Verghese, Olam aims to face the difficulties in meeting the needs of a growing population and to achieve a positive impact in the food and farming systems, with offices and operational units across all geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

With the contribution in the field of agriculture, Olam has inspired agribusinesses, enabling innovation in agriculture advancement and also helping micro, small and medium enterprises. In 2018, the company received the “Golden AGROW Award”, organized by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC)

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