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Oluwatosin Olaseinde On Financial Literacy – Inside Business Africa

Financial literacy is the most practical way to encourage financial freedom among Nigerians.

This is the sentiment shared by Oluwatosin Oseinde, the Managing Director/CEO, Money Africa who spoke on the importance of financial literacy with Inside Business Africa.

Oluwatosin Olaseinde, a finance expert has worked with foremost finance focused media outfits and corporations including CNBC Africa, Bloomberg TV, British American Tobacco among others with a career spanning over 10 years across various sub-sectors which include corporate finance, taxation, auditing and accounting, started Money Africa as a financial literacy outfit with the goal of turning the brand into the leading financial literacy platform in Africa.

According to her, Financial literacy is critical as it helps people understand more about their money and its impact. It shows them the bigger picture and the way forward to grow it. Financial literacy is a tool towards financial independence.

Driving financial literacy among Nigerians is essential especially considering the current economic climate with market volatility and government policies causing abrupt economic shifts, it is important the population is adequately enlightened about managing their finances.
Oluwatoyin believes in simplfying financial literacy, according to her, in order to drive financial literacy –
“We can start by simplifying it in a manner that they understand so that it hits home every time. That way the users totally comprehend it and can make sound decisions”
For her the real benefit of financial literacy lies in the knowledge, by acquiring financial know how, you become better with investing. minimizing expenditure and translating contracts effectively.
According to Oluwatoyin, understanding how the capital market works will clarify traditional investment myths associated in the market.
To take advantage of the capital market, one must first understand how it works. Once they figure it out, they realise they don’t need to have N1 Million to make it happen they can start where they are with what they have
For her,  “our mindset plays a critical role in what we do. We need to embrace how to make sound decisions and take steps that will liberate you”

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