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Nova Pledges More Support for Female-owned Businesses

In line with the global celebration of the International Women’s Day, Nova Merchant Bank at the weekend organised a sensitisation programme with the theme: “I am generation equality.”
At the forum, the bank urged women to harness their potential in contributing towards the sustainable development of the growth of the Nigerian economy, even as it pledged to continue to support female entrepreneurs.

The financial service provider over the weekend pointed out that women have the ability to posses’ leadership roles in the society as well as in their places of work due to their high level of dedication towards completing tasks; high volume of empathy, as well as the ability to carry out and execute multiple roles at a time.

The General Manager, Nova Merchant Bank, Funke Okoya, said one of the ways women can effectively emerge into strategic leadership roles would require them to be able to find the best approach towards having an efficient work-life balance.
According to her, “Achieving gender parity and equality would require the generation and implementation of policies in regards to gender parity both in the work space as well as in the society.”

Okoya maintained, “Women need to be empowered and placed on leadership positions because research has shown that women also have the potential to become efficient and trustworthy leaders.
“As women, we need to work on building our capacity by empowering ourselves with the right knowledge and skills so as to be able to mount leadership roles effectively.”

On her part, Medical Officer, Marina Medical Health Management Organisation, Dr. Misturah Olowookere, explained that, “Women need to pay attention to their mental health in order for them to be able to tap into their maximum capacity as health is wealth.
“Also, due to the numerous responsibilities placed on women, there is the need for women to avoid burning out by ensuring they monitor their stress level, set work and life boundaries, exercise regularly, get adequate rest as well as ensuring they find time to meditate.”

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