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‘Smart Utility Solution Will Reduce Electricity Consumption’

The Vice President, Corporate Development, CWG Plc, Mr. Daniel Shoban-Das, has said the Smart Utility Solution (SUS), which it pioneered and initiated can reduce electricity consumption by Nigerians.

The firm said the initiative was designed to automatically and remotely manage electricity consumption.

Disclosing the functionalities of the solution in Lagos recently, Shoban-Das noted that apart from power reduction, the solution would make a remote prepayment, remotely connects and disconnects service, detects tampering and monitors voltage and current.

He added that as part of the efforts to manage customers’ complaints, which was hitherto one of the challenges of the power distribution companies, the SUS combined cutting-edge customer technologies such as smart Customer Interface Unit (CIU), as well as web and mobile applications.

“The key component of the solution is smart meters, which provide functions such as measuring customer electricity consumption on predetermined intervals, measuring voltage, and current levels, monitoring the credit levels, and monitoring the on/off status of electricity service,” Shoban-Das said.

He explained that the solution could communicate metre readings to the head-end system for processing, analysis, and re-communication back to customers for billing, and feedback for actionable insights.

According to him, the key component of the SUS included smart metres, which are installed at the customer’s premises. This typically collects electricity consumption data in minute intervals.

Another component is software systems that manage the large volume of load data from the meter to the server.

Metre Data Management (MDM) system, is another key component of the system used to store and process the metre data and integrate the metre data with the head-end system and billing system, and Customer Information System (CIS) are other components of the SUS.

The solution is an advanced metering infrastructure, which comprises of smart metres, communications networks, and data management systems that enable two-way communication between utilities and customers.

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