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MWUN urges Federal Government to prosecute lockdown violators

The Chairman, Advisory Council of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Anthony Nted, has urged the Federal Government to ensure violators of COVID-19 lockdown are prosecuted accordingly.

The move, Nted said would enforce compliance even as he called on Nigerians to jointly confront the challenge devoid of politics, religious and ethnic sentiments.

He made the call on the heels of palliatives and relief materials from government for the vulnerable and the poorest of the poor that has been hijacked by politicians and other highly placed individuals.

He maintained that most of the poor and vulnerable citizens are left to their fate and have no other option than to defy the lockdown and venture into the streets in search of their daily bread. Out on the street, he said security agencies that ought to enforce the lockdown, turned the situation for their personal gains.

According to him, “They arrest and extort helpless citizens, impound vehicles and demand fees from their drivers for their release. We cannot continue like this while the nation bleeds.

“Fellow citizens, we cannot allow our country to be overrun by the pandemic. We must all join hands with the government to arrest the situation. While there is no doubt that the government at present, has no capacity to address the challenge alone, we must jointly confront the challenge devoid of politic, religious and ethnic sentiments. I call on wealthy Nigerians and corporate organisations to assist the government to feed the poor and the vulnerable members of our society.”

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