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ULC flays Lagos State government over demolition of houses during lockdown

The United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC), has bemoaned the demolition of houses by the Lagos State Government during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The labour centre described the action as callous, wicked, and most horrendous.

ULC argued that governments should not preside over the destruction of the nation by carrying out actions that put Nigeria at risk.

President of ULC, Joe Ajaero, noted that the Lagos state government chose to hide under the cover of the lockdown to demolish the houses of its citizens, lamented that over 55,000 individuals and families were evicted from their homes.

He argued that a government that was serious about fighting the outbreak would have at least waited for the scourge to be contained before taking such insensitive and unacceptable action.

He said: “It shows the governor as having some other intentions, which it is prepared to pursue no matter its consequences on the lives of the citizenry. This is condemnable and most horrendous.”

He asked: “Did the government consider the plight of these impacted citizens? Did it consider where they will stay during this lockdown? Did they imagine the exposure this will be for these thousands of families and individuals? Did they consider its implications on the entire struggle to contain the pandemic?

“How can you tell people to lockdown at home but you go ahead and destroy their homes? In other nations of the world, homeless individuals are provided with accommodation at this time, but in Nigeria, people are made homeless by the same government! This is clearly contradictory, and Sanwo-Olu should immediately take pre-emptive actions to protect these lives. Lagos State Government can correct this by being more sensitive to the yearnings and aspirations of its people.”

The union suggested that those already affected by the eviction should be provided with housing in vacant Lagos Housing projects scattered over the state until the pandemic is contained.

Source: Guardian

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