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Mindset, Self Confidence & Self esteem a key to building a better Career – Funmilola Kehinde

In recent years, the Unemployment rate in Nigeria has been on the rise, with as many over 21 million Nigerians said to be unemployed.  Data released by  the Nigerian Bureau of statistics indicates Nigeria’s unemployment rate as at the second quarter of 2020 is 27.1% while Nigeria’s unemployment and underemployment rate (28.6%) is a combined 55.7%.

Despite the statistics, Career Consultant Funmi Kehinde believes that young job seekers can still maximize their potential and still land themselves their dream jobs. This drove her to start up her career consulting brand, CareerswithFunmi.  Funmi’s goal was to help people to live a better and  more fulfilling life because she realized that people are happier when they have a source of income.

As a certified emotionaL intelligence specialist, she noticed that one of the major issues she faced when dealing with the Clients was their emotions and how to handle job searches and interviews.

In an interview with Inside Business Africa, Funmi revealed  that a percentage of her Clients have had fantastic CVs but never used it while some who needed a boost in their CVs suffered from lack of confidence according to her “some people don’t feel that they are really good, some has to do with their mental status”.

According to Funmi one of the major challenges she faces when working with her clients is their negative mindset. Self-esteem and self-confidence play a major role when job hunting.

A percentage of clients lack self-confidence and self-esteem, in some cases therapy is required to build their self-confidence.

According to her  “One thing people need to pay attention to is their mindset, if your mindset keeps telling you that you’re unemployed you would not be able to see the opportunities and possibilities you can position yourself for”

Shaping her mindset from her personal experience with job loss and unemployment, she shaped her brand to show herself and others the results that are possible with self-confidence.

She added “Being unemployed is a phase that everyone passes through, it is a phase that people ahead of you have passed through and it’s a phase that people behind you will still pass through and you will all pass through it successfully”.

Learning from here experiences and challenges including taking tough career decisions, she believes it is important youths focus on the possibilities rather than the drawbacks.

“If you decide to focus on the statistics of Nigerian Unemployment you will just become one of the statistics, you have to differentiate yourself, I believe that in every problem there is a solution you just have to see it to position yourself for it”

On building her Career

Funmilola Kehinde founded  of CareerswithFunmi Consulting, a Talent Development & Recruitment Consultancy Firm, with the vision “to help youths get employed with a dream job that allows them to live a more fulfilled life”. This is her expression of a commitment to becoming a notable solution provider to the menace of unemployment globally through her platform

She is a Certified Life Coach, a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria. She was headhunted for three jobs via Linkedin, and one of the jobs was from a multinational company. This is how the LinkedIn Profile Makeover Course by CareerswithFunmi was born.

The LinkedIn Profile Makeover Course was created to help many others achieve the same feat effortlessly. Her dedication to educating youths necessitated the Online Course course, which has produced positive results and feedback. She has been featured on TVC News Station, The Tribune Newspaper, Tony Elumelu Foundation, and Leading Ladies Africa.

She has coached over 1,000 youth and helped them secure job interviews and actual job offers. Many of these secured jobs have been dream jobs of my clients. Her core purpose is to help every individual attain the highest level of confidence and purpose in their careers, which leads to job satisfaction and overall happiness.

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