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TechSoft to support municipalities in revenue recovery and collections management

ICT – Technology solutions provider TechSoft International has developed an integrated and data rich solution to assist in improving revenue management and collection for embattled municipalities struggling with revenue recovery and collection management.

With TechSoft’s C3 platform, municipal entities will be able to leverage a software tool that will enable them to improve efficiencies by providing accurate billing, correct imbalances, identify potential non technical losses and empower them to effectively collect outstanding revenue.

Using advanced analytics, this software solution is designed to enable municipalities to identify existing loss reduction interventions, incorrect customer accounts, attributes and contracts, electricity theft, faulty metering, inaccurate/ineffective billing & collections, and a host of other issues.

The South African public sector continues to face challenges in revenue collection, just earlier this month, it was reported that Eskom seized cash from the Matjhabeng Municipality in the Free State, which owes the state-owned utility R3.4bn. On the other hand municipalities continue to battle with revenue recovery in their regions.

“Public sector organisations are under huge pressure to improve revenue collection, but it is easier said than done. Often data is disparate, systems aren’t interoperable, and they just don’t have the visibility needed to identify where they are bleeding cash,” states Clinton Scott, managing director at TechSoft International. “What they then find themselves in is an endless cycle of outstanding money that negatively impacts their ability to deliver the citizen services they are mandated to. Often this is simply because their own systems have failed them.” said Clinton Scott, Managing Director of TechSoft International.

“Our economy is under immense strain and our GDP has contracted, but in order for business to thrive and to continue with the entrepreneurial spirit so inherent in Africa, is if our public sector is in a position to deliver the services, we need to sustain growth. This extends not to just electricity, but working roads, refuse collection, water supply and citizen services. This can only be done through the effective revenue management and collection of the finances owed to these entities – which is why we want to help our public sector partners and customers meet their goals,” ends Scott.

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