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Entrepreneurs chart path to business recovery

Entrepreneurs have listed measures that will help businesses to survive the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. Chief Executive Officer, Abraham House School of Business, Mrs. Sarah Osarumwense, said COVID-19 offered new opportunity for businesses like capacity training in organisations.

She recalled that the pandemic had undoubtedly affected all industries across countries and sectors. Osarumwense, who charged the business community to take advantage of the new opportunities created by COVID-19, noted that people had resorted to digital facilities like video conferencing, Google, Zoom, Skype and tools to work remotely.

She said that to maintain relevance in the business and corporate world, members and individuals need training on modern digital skills and tools.

She noted that during the tough time, Miscrosoft has seen more than 750 per cent increase in the usage of its meeting platform.She said: “The pandemic has social and work culture. One of the key lessons we have learned is to plan towards creating a distributed business workforce and allow employees to work remotely when necessary.

“As a result of the closure of schools, many organisations allowed their employees to work remotely and adapt to the work-from-home culture fully.”

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