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Biovac spearheads South Africa vaccine hopes






In a complex of white labs in Cape Town’s Pinelands suburb, biomedical engineers and big pharma executives are locked in a flurry of negotiations to clinch a deal for the manufacture of a vaccine to fight the global pandemic. Founded in 2003, the Biovac Institute is southern Africa’s first vaccine facility, and one of the few on the continent with the state-of-the-art heavy machinery, specialised equipment and bio-technical expertise needed to manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine.

Its Harvard Business School-educated CEO, Dr Morena Makhoana, who is also a graduate of the University of Cape Town’s medical school, says he is helping to build the institution as part of the government’s vision for a national renaissance in vaccine manufacturing.

Owned jointly by a private consortium with a minority South African government stake, the firm is responsible for the health ministry’s human vaccine procurement and sourcing, providing 25m vaccines annually as part of the government’s immunisation strategy against a range of diseases. It could come to play a crucial role in the battle against Covid-19.

Source: African Business

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