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DR. Chaim Zach IBA Person Of The Year, Leading The Agribusiness Success Story


Mr. Chaim Zach, a seasoned and serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, international business personality of repute, founder and Chief Executive officer of AGRITED has been appointed United Nation- POLIC Ambassador for peace. With certificate No. NO. UN-POLAC: 202010012089 Nigeria issued on 1th December, 2020 and signed by the Director-General, Mr.  Zach is appointed in line UN resolution 53/13of Nov. 20, 1997.

A quintessential professional and an integrity driven businessman, Chaim Zach, a winner any day has also been conferred with the well deserved Doctorate Degree (D.Sc) Honouris Causa in Leadership and Corporate Governance by the European-America University, Commonwealth of Dominica.  This indeed is a true testament to his impeccable character, leadership and corporate governance savvy.

A consummate global businessman and philanthropist, peace ambassador and leader of the agribusiness Mr. Chaim Zach’s impact in the Nigerian economy and felt throughout the country with the establishment of Agrited in 1991 remains outstanding and indelible.

Since its establishment in 1991, the 2020 SuperBrand Award winner – AGRITED remains the No. 1 and leading highly integrated poultry business in Nigeria with strong and consistent investment in innovative technology to not only keep and sustain the business but the entire poultry business in Nigeria.

Dr. Chaim Zach



Expanding its operation in Nigeria with the construction of its latest large-scale breeding farm, AGRITED has consolidated and confirmed its role as a major player in Nigeria’s poultry industry and the country’s drive for self-sufficiency.


Established in 1991, becoming the most integrated and highly market-driven agribusiness concern, Agric International Technology and Trade (AGRITED) Limited is Nigeria’s largest, leading and people friendly supplier of poultry products. Armed with a strong vision and focusing mainly on the poultry breeding, producing and distribution of millions of broiler and layer day old chicks to commercial farms nationwide, AGRITED plays an impressive and active role in the provision of Nigeria’s ever increasing population and high demand for quality poultry products, a highly essential source of protein.  Indeed, in almost 30 years of operating and contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth trajectory with SUPERB brand name AGRITED, the company has undergone tremendous positive annual growth of 22%.

According to the visionary and savvy business leader, founder of AGRITED, Chaim Zach “The demand for AGRITED’s products is purely because of the quality. The high quality of our products which resulted in high demand is the reason for more investment and expansion of our operation”

It is noteworthy that the first ever controlled environment heavy and light poultry breeding houses ever established in Nigeria was to the credit of AGRITED when the White Plain farm was constructed in Oyo State in 2005. The farm consists of 33,000 heavy breeders, 18,000 light breeders, a combined state-of-the-art Emka and Pas Reform hatchery with  annual 25 million chicks in hatching eggs, fully equipped Premix production line with quality control laboratory, feed mill, large capacity grains and feed ingredients storage and vaccines and medications cold storage facilities.  Most AGRITED heavy and light flocks are grown in Green Plains which has a capacity for 57,000 pullets PS birds, as well as a 1,200 m2 grains and equipment storage warehouse.

AGRITED’s Silver Plains Farm was built in 2014 and has a capacity of 66,000 heavy breeders and 20,000 heavy pullets parents stock, 1,200 square metre grains and animal feed storage.

“Poultry production is a very sophisticated activity if you want to optimize results. It needs highly professional poultry breeding team and sophisticated environment control, feed supply equipment and strict bio-security regime, says Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Chaim Zach. “A chicken needs food, vaccinations, good water, health protection and Suitable living climate. Environmental Control houses provide constant 28C temperature and appropriate humidity level, which allows us to optimize productivity. We also must ensure PS flocks uncompromising female and male manually guided weight uniformity for securing optimal productivity”

AGRITED, the SUPERBRAND 2020 winner, a trademark symbolising quality also established a Greenfield Integrated Project – Yola Farm in the Sebore Free Trade Zone, Mayo Belwa, Adamawa State with a view to expanding breeding and commercial operations to the Northern part of Nigeria.  The company is today the supplier of the world number one broiler breed ROSS 308 broilers.

In 2019, the world class highly integrated Blue Plain Farm, located in Fiditi Town in Oyo State along Ibadan-Oyo Express way, South West Nigeria was built in conjunction with Agrotop, Jansen and Pas Reform, leading global players in breeding livestock projects, on 112 hectares of bushland. Now in the second phase of completion, the farm accommodates 12 Environmental Control (EC) breeder pullet houses, 24 EC producing breeder houses, 3 male breeder houses, a state-of-the-art modern hatchery with a Pas Reform hatching system with annual hatching capacity of more than 35 million chicks producing eggs, a modern EC chicks dispatch house and seven hectares of logistic village. Further development on the land which has commenced aims to develop quality vegetable green houses as well possible aquaculture hatchery and farmers training facilities. The Blue Plains Farm will, on total completion triple AGRITED’s production between now and 2024, the highly resourceful and integrity driven Chaim Zach declares.

Understanding the dynamics of the Nigerian Government’s quest for food security and self sufficiency in poultry production, AGRITED’s vision is in line with the country’s yearnings. With happy customers across the country and recognition for quality and value, AGRITED is Nigeria’s biggest and leading player in the development of the poultry sector of the agribusiness.

Speaking on the vision and mission the Founder/Chief Executive, Chaim Zach says “If you want to understand AGRITED’s success story in a nutshell, it is the transformation of the market from traditional to modern, and from cost into yield production efficiency. ” Indeed this has been AGRITED major achievement.

The board, management and staff of AGRITED, Nigeria’s No.1 and leading integrated poultry company congratulate our amiable and highly resourceful Founder/CEO, Mr. Chaim Zach on the conferment with Doctorate Degree (D.Sc) Honouris Causa in Leadership and Corporate Governance by the European-America University, Commonwealth of Dominica, and on the noble and highly deserved appointment as UN-POLAC AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE. Congratulations!

It is worthy to note that during the heat of the COVID 19 Pandemic Agrited was resolute in keeping the poultry industry alive despite the enormous challenges.







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