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Stallion Group, Popular Farms in the forefront of Rice Revolution in Nigeria wins Agribusiness Award

Popular Farms Team with the Award









Stallion Group’s, Popular Farms & Mills Ltd has been in the fore front in driving self-sufficiency in rice, making it the country’s most viable route that can successfully meander the current economic dilemma caused by the pandemic in recent times. In the wake of the crisis the market has truly recognized the potential of agriculture as a sector and its vast contribution to the Nigerian economy.

Managing Director of Popular Farms & Mils Ltd, Mr. Amit Rai added that “Stallion group introduced a pioneering concept of packaging essential food items into a multi brand package in a generic market in Nigeria. Rice Brands from Stallion today are identified as leading consumer brands in the country.Recently KPMG valued two of the top Stallion Group rice brands Royal Stallion and Caprice, establishing its leadership in the formal retail market. Some of the other iconic brands from the company are Tomato King, Double Bull, People’s Princess and Super Champion”.

The presentation of the Award to Popular Farms and Mills Limited’s team by IBA IT Specialis, Victor Ugwu











PFML commissioned local integrated rice milling facilities almost a decade back in 2011 to obtain self-sufficiency in domestic produce. It currently operates theISO 9001:2015 / ISO 22000 certified state-of-the-art rice mill in Kano, Nigeria having a capacity of 16MT/Hrand an annual installed capacity of 430000 MT.

Company has fully integrated backward Rice Value Chain Initiatives at strategic locations to promote production, research & training, milling and bagging locally. This provides the necessary motivation for increased local production of paddy to build sufficiency in rice. It collaborates with Federal and State Governments Agencies, IADP & NGOs and other International donor groups. It operates strategically positioned collection Centers in different states to carry out company’s vision of backward integration to farmers and buyback of paddy rice from them. It has a robust network in 18 states in Nigeria covering 256 LGAs and signed memorandum of understanding with 1455 cooperatives & trained 72,223 framers with land holding of 69,728 Hectares.

The group imparts several training programmes and distributes free rice farming tools to out growers across the rice producing states in Nigeria. Company has introduced its flagship training program a “Low Cost – No Cost Technology” & “Back 2 Basics” for the ease of technological transformation & basic understanding of the Rice Farming techniques. Company advocates intensive farming with no additional costs maximizing farm productivity. PFML’s unique approach towards timely distribution of Certified Seeds, Fertilizers, Advisory on Irrigation Management, Crop Management, and On Farm Trials on grounds sets the company apart.

The philanthropic arm of the group, Stallion Empowerment Initiative is working in close coordination with all stakeholders and the government to tackle the pandemic that has caused a social and economic mayhem in the country impacting frontline workers and lots of daily wage earners who are most impacted by the lockdown. The company pledged free rice for three months to hospitals dedicated to COVID – 19 care in Nigeria. 25 State hospitals across 15 states in Nigeria are beneficiaries of the relief execution programme. The organization is also proud to be involved in Rice supply to the Presidential Scheme and to Red Cross for the displaced people.

The overarching aim of Popular Farm’s social sector engagement is to empower stakeholder communities to conserve, augment and manage their social and environmental capital in order to promote sustainable livelihoods or employability on a significant scale. Popular Farms is committed to make growth more inclusive by focusing on the needs of two identified stakeholders, namely rural farmers &communities in the company’s operational areas- aggregation centers& production units.


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