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Ohuabunwa unveils 2023 bid, says Igbo presidency will stop Biafra

Mr. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa

A member of the Presidential Advisory Committee, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, on Wednesday, in Abuja, unveiled a political platform, christened the New Nigeria Group.

He said the group would be the vehicle to drive his 2023 presidential bid.

The renowned pharmacist announced that his desire to correct the deteriorating condition of living in Nigeria was the driving force for his ambition to provide leadership for the nation at the highest level.

Ohuabunwa who is also the current President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria noted with concern that the country was being run in an opaque manner and needed to be redirected for the good of all.

He said it was the right time that people with superior ideas and commitment to turn the country to a prosperous, peaceful and united country, should be allowed to lead Nigeria.

The aspirant promised to make entrepreneurial studies a compulsory subject to be taught in schools so that every Nigerian would be self-reliant after their tertiary education and create wealth.

He said the New NNG would tackle injustice, poverty, corruption and insecurity.

The Abia State born politician, pledged to think outside the box by exploring the nation’s abundant natural resources to generate revenue instead of borrowing money to fund the federal budget.

On the issue of power shift to the South-East, Ohaubunwa said, “Every Nigerian who wants unity must support power shift. Igbo Presidency will stop Biafra agitation which asks for equity, fairness and freedom, even other agitations will stop. Igbo are for justice and equity.

“We are not coming with anger and recrimination, but with equity; we need to come out and make Nigeria work. God has put it to my heart to come and contest for the office of the president of Nigeria.

“I am making myself available; it must not be me, but an Igbo of character. Ndigbo must present their best. God has given me the motivation and what it takes to lead Nigeria to get a country that works for everybody. It is not about the South-East, it is about Nigeria.”

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