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‘Trust, commitment key to survival of business’

“Trust is a most needed attribute in any business. So are consistent commitment to the well-being of customers, satisfaction of clients and consultants for growth of any enterprise.”

The above was the submission of Managing Director of ATCOHOMES, Mr. Triumph-Abatan Oluwayomi, during a chat yesterday with journalists in Lagos.

Oluwayomi, who is also president/founder of Arrow Leadership Development Foundation (ALDEF), noted: “Aside selling land, we are interested in the happiness and fulfilment of our clients when buying from us. I often tell the staff that we are not in business because of profit mainly, but rather to serve. Our goal is service and not gains. That is the reason we energetically drive ‘Reality to a wealthier life!’ mandate of ATCOHOMES.”

He continued: “We are unique in the way and manner we go about our business. We believe business is not a do-or-die thing, but a do-and-live matter, hence profit does not drive us.

“Our consultant’s commission structure is second to none in this industry, especially those that started about same with us. We build houses that our customers are glad to live in because we build as if we are living in them ourselves. We help our clients with flexible payment plans, for instance a payment plan for 24 months with zero per cent interest on cost of land.”

On existing legislations, Oluwayomi submitted: “Government is trying its best. As usual, we always want more of everything, but government cannot give everything. Government has put in place enabling laws that will make any one win, but it all depends on the drivers to engage those laws in meaningful and productive ways.

“The real estate sector in Nigeria is thriving. Let no one deceives you. ATCOHOMES launched a promo last year for a highly flexible payment plan that suits the low, medium and high earners in the society. In some cases, we have in place a payment plan of two years with zero interest on cost of land among others.”

Source: Guardian

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