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Weownomy: The New Social Network That’s Better Than Facebook

Weownomy: The New Social Network That’s Better Than Facebook

The most important aspect of Weownomy ( is that it will be owned by its users. With no outside investors, the site’s content and data are guaranteed to remain in control of the user. Facebook is a social network that we’ve all grown to love and hate. We love it because it connects us with friends, family, co-workers, classmates, etc. We hate it because of the number of privacy breaches over the years. Weownomy promises to be better than Facebook in every way possible. There will be a user-owned digital bank ( to monetize every individual’s online activity as opposed to only generating advertising revenue.

This new social media platform does not invade privacy and provides a more secure experience than Facebook, which can be accessed through any browser with an internet connection. Weownomy offers all of the same features as Facebook but without having to give up personal information for fear of being hacked or losing control over your account information.

It promises to be better than Facebook and with good reason. This social media platform offers users the opportunity to have more control over their personal information by giving them an option of deciding who can see what posts, or even having it set up so that they are invisible to other people on the site.

Social media is a major player in the modern world. With Facebook as the largest social network, it has become the hub for people to interact with one another and share their lives online. The convenience of this makes sense; however, with such a power centralized in one company comes issues that can’t be overlooked. Weownomy plans to replace Facebook by not only being more accessible but also offering its users an ownership stake in both content and financial services that we believe will lead to long-term value creation for users.

Facebook has had a lot of problems lately. And while we have been getting angry at Facebook, Weownomy was quietly developing a better social network with one very simple difference: it is owned by its users. The company just announced that they are going live globally in May 2022 and people are starting to learn about the new social networking site that is designed to take on the issues that plague Facebook. The site is launching private beta test in Mid December 2021 with 2000 users.

The new platform will have the same functionality as Facebook, but users will be rewarded in new social gold coin currency “weowns” for their content and interactions on the site. These gold coins can then be used to purchase digital goods or services within Weownomy’s online marketplace or bank.

It has been created to address the problems with current popular networks such as security, privacy, fake news, and algorithmic manipulation. Weownomy is an all-inclusive website for people of all ages and walks of life. It provides opportunities for entertainment, education, financial transactions (digital banking), friendships, relationships (dating) – in short everything you would want from a social network!

Weownomy is a new social network that provides users with a business model they can own. This means people have the opportunity to be in control of their data and receive no transaction fees on digital bank services. It may seem like there are already many social networks out there, but as we all know, Facebook has its problems- just like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The problem with these other sites is that people do not own them and the company owns all of your data.

The Weownomy Social Network’s user owned economy is the direct result of our business model, which includes an ownership stake in all revenue and profit sharing based on performance. This change will fix the current problems with Facebook and other social media sites, as it ensures they are not harvesting your data for profit without you being compensated or even having a say in how your information is used.

The future of social media is here and it’s not Facebook. Weownomy will offer the best features of Facebook but with more benefits. Weownomy is different from other networks because it gives its users ownership over their content and personal data; there are no any hidden agendas whatsoever.

The Platform We’ve Been Waiting For.

In today’s world, it is important to have the ability to engage critically with online news and information sources. In order for citizens to do this effectively, they need a platform that can guarantee trustworthiness and transparency. Weownomy will provide just that. The platform will have the ability to determine the trustworthiness of information accessed online by making sure that processes are clear and transparent for user complaints about activities within Weownomy Platforms. The future of our democracy depends on it!

With the advent of social media, there has been a shift in how we interact with information. Social media companies have now become an integral part of our daily lives and it is hard to imagine living without them. We own our phones but not the data that we produce on these devices which leads to an imbalance in power for users. This new platform will give control back to users by allowing them access to their personal data and earning income from it as well.

In today’s world, there is a lot of information and data being accessed online. However, this information may not be accurate or even trustworthy as the company collecting it could be doing so without users’ consent. These third party websites also have the ability to collect all sorts of personal data about you and sell that information to other companies. Weownomy provides an income platform where people can access the website they want with complete trust in how their data is collected and used.

The users will be able to create and publish their own content as well as get paid for others’ creations, it could make use of advertising. It could also offer digital products and services like media streaming or e-commerce opportunities, with the potential to generate more than $10 billion in annual revenue by 2024.

The Internet has made access to information more accessible than ever before. With the opportunities that Weownomy can offer, it will provide a platform that will determine the trustworthiness and source of information accessed online, trust in how the data is collected and used, and clear and transparent processes for having users’ complaints about the activities within Weownomy Platform.

Weownomy is giving away shares to build a new Social Network.

Weownomy is giving away shares to build a new Social Network. Every day more than 2 billion people spend time on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – yet many are not rewarded for their contribution beyond the platform’s advertising revenue. To help broaden opportunity we will adopt a new model where all shareholders get paid to build our new “weown” Social Network with an emphasis on self-ownership and financial freedom via referral rewards.

The average person spends more than two hours per day on social networks. The best way to use these platforms is to take ownership of your own data and monetize it by building a following and growing the business for yourself. Weownomy offers an opportunity for people who have never had the chance to become successful in this area because they don’t have a network or wealth of funds, but do have the desire to be financially free.

Weownomy is different from other networks because it gives its users ownership over their content and personal data; there are no any hidden agendas whatsoever

The Social Network Weownomy ( is giving away shares to build a new social network, which will give its users the opportunity to earn money for their content. The idea of “Weownomy” stems from the fact that many people who are building social networks today do not share in any of the profits generated by these sites.

“We wanted to create a platform where everyone has an equal chance at earning revenue,” said Founder and CEO Ssemakula Peter Luyima. “It’s a great way for everyday people who want to make money by using their time, talents, and creativity.” In order to receive these shares, users can purchase them through Weownomy’s Dutch shares auction system.

Social networks are a staple of the modern world. They allow us to stay connected with friends and family, share ideas, build communities, and much more. Yet many people use these social networks without earning anything for their contributions beyond advertising revenue. In an effort to broaden opportunity we will adopt a new model where all shareholders get paid to build our new “Weownomy” Social Network with an emphasis on self-ownership and financial freedom via referral rewards.

Instead of making money off advertisements, Weownomy will give away shares of its company income each month just by being a co-owner on Weownomy. With your monthly subscription (shareholder), you can help build the world’s next great social network and make an impact in people’s lives at the same time. “Weownomy Is Giving Away Shares to Build a New Social Network” (

The idea of owning your own social network is not new. What’s new is that Weownomy has created a way for people to be co-owners on the platform, and will give away shares each month just by being a member.

We are a startup company that will give people the opportunity to share in the wealth and financial freedom of building a new social network. The main goal of this project is to create an online community where all participants have equal ownership, governance rights, profit sharing, privacy and data security protections while also promoting economic equality through referral rewards.

The first step to becoming an owner of Weownomy is by signing up for the giveaway. Shareholders are then paid a percentage each time they refer someone who becomes a shareholder, with an emphasis on rewarding our most loyal users. In order to be eligible for referral rewards, you must have been registered as a user and earned at least 10000 shares before making your referral. The key idea behind this model is that we will pay shareholders to build the new “Weownomy” Social Network.

In the last few years, social networks have become an integral part of people’s lives. The top four platforms in particular: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are visited by more than 2 billion people every day. This means that these companies hold a lot of power over our data, as well as what we see on the internet. At Weownomy we believe it is time for users to be rewarded for their contribution beyond just the advertising revenue from using these networks.

Weownomy Shares Are Being Auctioned On The Internet.

The Weownomy Dutch User-Owned Share Income Auction is designed to trade globally Weownomy shares monthly in a live auction format. This company provides traders with the opportunity to buy and trade Weownomy shares monthly in a live auction format. The intention of this company is to provide an opportunity for individuals to invest in new social media platform, and as such have self-ownership and financial freedom.

Auctions will be used as a means of issuing Weownomy Shares to build a new social network. The choice of the Dutch Shares Auction System has become more viable not only because of the Google offering, but due to the severe criticism the traditional method has received in recent years for alleged abuses related to pricing and allocation of shares.

Weownomy is one of the most anticipated internet companies to come out in recent years. As with many Internet companies, Weownomy will not be able to go public through traditional methods because it is a private company and has yet to make any profits. Dutch Shares Auction System used by Google offers several advantages over the traditional book building process for issuing shares.

Weownomy Shares are being auctioned on the internet, Dutch shares auctions are an attractive means of issuing Weownomy Shares to build a new social network. Dutch share auctions were first introduced in 1720 and have since been successfully used as a means of raising capital for building enterprises such as electricity companies, banks, hospitals and many more. The auctions can be described as “private” because the shareholders buy shares from one another without intermediaries.” Auctions offer a level playing field,” says Ssemakula Peter Luyima, CEO and founder of Weownomy.

It has announced the release of shares through an internet auction process, which many believe to be a step forward for the company and its followers. In response to these claims, Weownomy has chosen Dutch Shares Auction Process over traditional book building process used by Google Inc., when it offered shares on the stock market last year.

The choice of the Dutch Shares Auction System has become more viable not only because of the Google offering, but due to the severe criticism the traditional method has received in recent years for alleged abuses related to pricing and allocation of shares. The Internet auctions will be managed by third-party providers that will provide bidding platforms.

The traditional method of issuing shares has been the book building process, in which an investment bank underwrites a public offering and establishes a price. This can lead to abuse because investors do not know how much they are paying for the share until after it is purchased. Dutch Shares Auction System auctions involve soliciting bids from buyers before deciding on a price.

The internet has become the modern-day marketplace, and so it should come as no surprise that Weownomy is turning to the web to auction off shares of its company. The decision was made based on the process used by Google in their IPO. Weownomy will be using Dutch Shares Auction System which utilizes an online bidding process for allocating shares to investors. Dutch Shares Auction Process is different from traditional book building methods because they use a computerized system that does not allow for human intervention.

In addition to giving people an opportunity to purchase a piece of this exciting new social network that is about so much more than just Facebook or Twitter.

This will be the first time that internet auctions are used as a means of issuing Weownomy Shares. Since its founding, the goal of Weownomy has been to offer users and consumers free access to high-quality content from around the world without any commercial advertisements or restrictions on user rights. “With this strategy we want to go against traditional business models by offering people what they want: quality information.”

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