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FG unveils centre to monitor mini-grids operations

The Federal Government has inaugurated an energy management and control centre established in Abuja to monitor electricity mini-grids operating across the country.

It said the centre, known as the Energy Management System, would serve as the off-grid electricity supervisory control and data acquisition system for mini power grids in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch of the centre in Abuja on Wednesday, the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, said, “For us, the EMS is not just a tool; it is a mechanism we plan to optimise to alleviate the existential problem of poor energy data in the nation’s energy space.

“It is surely a gateway to a future where data becomes a strategic asset in our pursuit of reliable, accessible, and sustainable energy. This system will revolutionise the way we manage and utilise energy data across our electrification programmes.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Rural Electrification Agency, Ahmad Salihijo, said the centre, constructed in the Abuja headquarters of REA, was made possible with the support of the Korean government under its Official Development Assistance.

He explained that the Electricity Act 2023, under Section 154 (Monitoring of Rural Electrification Projects), mandated the REA to put in place appropriate machinery for the monitoring of rural electrification implementation projects nationwide.

“Furthermore, the mechanism for rural electrification monitoring should include the use of geographic information systems and geo-mapping technologies to monitor projects effectively and generate and analyse project data without physical visits to projects’ locations.

“In a landscape where data is paramount, the EMS stands as a beacon of efficiency and transparency. It is a tool that will empower us to make informed decisions, optimise our energy resources, and enhance the impact of our electrification initiatives across Nigeria,” Salihijo stated.

He said the system would integrate with REA’s existing programmes, providing real-time insights and enabling the agency to navigate the dynamic energy landscape with precision.

“For instance, the system will further strengthen our collaboration with the power distribution companies on the development, integration, monitoring, and management of interconnected mini-grids,” Salihijo stated.


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