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NGO Seeks End To Insurance Of New Fossil Fuel Projects

A climate activists non-governmental Organisation, Fridays For Future Nigeria (FFFN) has joined the global campaign demanding Insurance Companies around the world and in Nigeria insuring Fossil Fuel projects to stop and start taking actions on climate change.

The NGO said it is set to hold a protest in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Delta State beginning from 26th February to 3rd March, 2024 to drive home its demand.

In a press statement made available to us,  the group’s National Coordinator and Country Representative, Kingsley Odogwu said all FFF NIGERIA activists, community members as well as University Students will be protesting around major cities in Nigeria, to demand that Insurance companies take immediate actions to slow the climate crisis and support urgent transition from dangerous fossil fuels to clean energy.

“This FFF NIGERIA IOF Climate protest is part of a global week of actions organised by the Insure Our Future network, running from 26th Feb – 33rd March.

“Grassroot groups and activists from across the world are coming together to demand action, with events taking place in the UK, USA, Japan, South Korea, Uganda, DRC, Nigeria, Switzerland, France, Peru, Colombia, Germany, and Czech.

“Demands to the industry include immediately stopping insuring new fossil fuel projects, phasing out support for existing coal, oil and gas projects, respecting human rights and supporting a just transition.

“2023 was the hottest year since records began, and extreme and violent weather events are increasing across every continent. Burning fossil fuels is the number one cause of the climate crisis, and fossil fuel projects – coal, gas and oil – cannot operate without insurance. This puts the insurance industry in a uniquely powerful position to have an impact on the future of our world.

“The Environmental devastations caused by these Fossil Fuel Industries at the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where the Indigenous people can no longer farm on their farmlands are enough reasons for these Insurance Companies in Nigeria to stop insuring new Fossil Fuel projects in the Country and support a just transition to Renewable energy.

“As we continue our ongoing Fossil Free Campaigns across the Country, the Nigerian Government is hereby advised to keep all its promises on the  global Climate Justice struggles before the International Community and also create a conducive Atmosphere for Climate Justice Activists across Nigeria to peacefully continue their Climate advocacy Campaigns without any form of intimidations and harassments from the law enforcement agencies.

“The insurance industry is meant to protect communities but instead it is deepening the crisis we face. These Insurance Companies will be guaranteeing a future with more wildfires, floods, droughts and storms if they continue to insure fossil fuels. Insurers have a choice – they can stop insuring dirty, planet-wrecking oil, gas and coal. We ask them to take action now to protect our children’s future, because later is too late.”


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